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unspecified meaning
  • Her grandfather’s voice had called out from beyond with chilling precision.
  • That, monsieur, is precisely the question you are here to answer.

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  • With noiseless precision, the heavy wall slid sideways.
  • Each had told Silas the exact same thing—that the keystone was ingeniously hidden at a precise location inside one of Paris’s ancient churches—the Eglise de Saint-Sulpice.
  • But when Silas added that the brothers had all given him a precise location, with relation to a brass line running through Saint-Sulpice, the Teacher had gasped with revelation.
  • That was precisely the reason the Teacher suggested Aringarosa get the money in Vatican Bank bonds.
  • Most Priory academics, myself included, anticipated the brotherhood’s release would coincide precisely with the millennium.
  • Clement’s Machiavellian operation came off with clockwork precision.
  • Then, with computer precision, the claw grasped the heavy handle and hoisted the crate vertically.
  • Langdon began to stand up but paused, spying the small, spent pistol shell on the floor beside the truck’s precision-crafted doorsill.

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  • Precisely.
  • But I know in precisely which crypt we should look.
  • Teabing had displayed ingenious precision in formulating a plan that protected his innocence at every turn.
  • So what precisely is your concern?
  • "Leave him precisely where he is," the officer commanded.
  • The chapel’s geographic coordinates fall precisely on the north-south meridian that runs through Glastonbury.
  • Precisely.

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as in: about noon; 12:03 to be precise Define
exact (accurate)
as in: a precise personality Define
meticulous (careful about details)
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