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The Da Vinci Code
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as in: approached her with the proposal Define
to speak with someone about something for the first time -- such as a proposal -- often something discussed in a delicate, tentative way
  • Teabing had approached the BBC with a proposal for a historical documentary in which he would expose the explosive history of the Holy Grail to a mainstream television audience.

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  • They approached her about becoming a member of the committee.
  • I approached three bankers about a loan and all said "No."

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  • Now, as Langdon approached the stationary escalators, he paused, realizing Fache was no longer beside him.
  • Langdon turned to see a young woman approaching.

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  • Langdon felt a deep chill as they approached the body.
  • As they approached, Langdon saw the entrance was blocked by an enormous steel grate that looked like something used by medieval castles to keep out marauding armies.
  • After everything she’d heard about the Mona Lisa, she felt as if she were approaching royalty.
  • He approached carrying a portable light source, which shrouded him in a violet haze.
  • He heard the approaching footsteps out in the hallway.
  • Sophie’s eyes were on the rearview mirror again as they approached the rotary.
  • Approaching the door, Bishop Aringarosa would never have imagined the shocking news he was about to receive inside, or the deadly chain of events it would put into motion.
  • Collet knew the opportunity for a stealth approach had long since passed.

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  • And you think that date is approaching?
  • My cellular phone must not have been receiving, Aringarosa thought as the Fiat approached the exit for Rome’s Ciampino Charter Airport.
  • The clicking of Teabing’s crutches approached in the hallway, his pace unusually brisk.
  • As they approached, a tousled man in wrinkled khakis hurried from the hangar, waved, and slid open the enormous corrugated metal door to reveal a sleek white jet within.
  • As Langdon loaded his slide projector, he explained that the number PHI was derived from the Fibonacci sequence—a progression famous not only because the sum of adjacent terms equaled the next term, but because the quotients of adjacent terms possessed the astonishing property of approaching the number 1.618—PHI!
  • The next time you find yourself with a woman, look in your heart and see if you cannot approach sex as a mystical, spiritual act.
  • The Hawker is on final approach.
  • "Docents wear crimson robes," Langdon said, approaching the center of the church.
  • The Teacher’s concentration was broken by several approaching tourists.
  • Fache motioned to another officer, who approached with handcuffs, and the traffic controller felt a surge of terror.
  • That I happen to live there is why the Teacher approached me in the first place.
  • Then he was approached with an extraordinary proposition.
  • A warm wind was now pushing through the station as a train approached with a low rumble.
  • Silas had never been here, but he felt a rising sense of refuge and asylum as he approached the building on foot.
  • Now, as Silas approached the Opus Dei building, the rain began to fall harder, soaking his heavy robe, stinging the wounds of the day before.
  • Instead a young British police officer approached with an umbrella.
  • As they approached the niche, Langdon felt a slow sinking sensation.
  • "It looks huge," Sophie whispered as they approached.
  • Langdon approached with a resolute stride, holding the cryptex before him.
  • The captain approached the bed and hoisted a familiar, heavy black briefcase onto a chair.
  • As Sophie approached, she could hear the quiet sounds of sobbing from within.
  • The woman’s fervent gaze never wavered as she set down the photo and approached the screened door.
  • From the fear in her touch Langdon sensed someone must be approaching, but when he turned to her, she was staring aghast at the top of the black marble sarcophagus.
  • Bezu Fache," the driver said, approaching the pyramid’s main entrance.
  • Up ahead is the Salle des Etats," her grandfather said as they approached the Louvre’s most famous room.
  • Rémy approached up the aisle now, the Heckler Koch pistol cradled in his hand.
  • As the Teacher approached the front passenger door of the parked limousine, Rémy leaned across and opened the door.

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as in: approached the city Define
to come near or nearer
as in: use the best approach Define
a way of doing something; or a rout that leads to a particular place
as in: approached her with the proposal Define
to speak with someone about something for the first time -- such as a proposal -- often something discussed in a delicate, tentative way
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