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The Da Vinci Code
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unspecified meaning
  • Langdon needed a minute to process that one.
  • For fifteen minutes, he would survive as his stomach acids seeped into his chest cavity, slowly poisoning him from within.

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  • He was trapped, and the doors could not be reopened for at least twenty minutes.
  • Art Buchwald had once boasted he’d seen all three masterpieces in five minutes and fifty-six seconds.
  • Twenty minutes ago he had been asleep in his hotel room.
  • Perhaps over fifteen or twenty minutes.
  • Security took fifteen minutes to get here?
  • We took up positions within fifteen minutes.
  • That’s in twenty minutes.
  • Langdon tried to imagine the curator’s final minutes trapped alone in the Grand Gallery, knowing he was about to die.

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  • Let’s take a break for a few minutes.
  • I think I’d like a few minutes alone.
  • Only minutes ago, Langdon had listened to her phone message, thinking the newly arrived cryptographer must be insane.
  • Still, it had been almost ten minutes.
  • In the silence, Sophie stood trembling for what felt like minutes.
  • Collet had been trying to reach Sophie now for several minutes.
  • His men would have the truck surrounded within minutes.
  • "I can’t imagine," Langdon said, staring at the printout, "how your grandfather created such an intricate anagram in the minutes before he died."
  • I can’t get my men back to the perimeter for a few minutes, and I don’t want Langdon breaking for an exit.
  • "We lost them for the time being," she said, "but we won’t last another five minutes if we stay in this car."
  • Deux minutes.
  • Give me a minute and I will see what I can do to help you leave the bank undetected.
  • My question won’t take a minute.
  • Just give yourself a minute, Robert.
  • I doubt Fache is tracing, but keep it under a minute just in case.
  • Langdon checked his watch 2:59 A.M. The train left in seven minutes and they didn’t even have tickets yet.
  • Tonight, Vernet had been awake only six and a half minutes.
  • Five minutes, Vernet told himself.
  • In about five minutes, we’ll be out of the mountains, and service improves.
  • Twenty minutes from here.
  • He would give them five minutes.
  • They could be over it and have the house surrounded in a matter of minutes.
  • But Captain, you’re twenty minutes away!
  • Can you have Elizabeth ready in about twenty minutes? I know, do the best you can.
  • After several minutes, as if suddenly sensing his eyes on her, Sophie leaned forward and put her hands on his shoulders, giving him a quick rub.
  • A full minute passed.
  • The truck, after an unnerving pause atop the bank ramp, had moved on, snaking left and right for a minute or two, and was now accelerating to what felt like top speed.
  • "Give me a minute," he said, hobbling toward the cockpit.
  • After all, they said it would only take a minute.
  • Langdon needed a minute to find his words.
  • It was three minutes later that Teabing heaved a frustrated sigh and shook his head.
  • Fifteen minutes from now.
  • We’ll be landing in five minutes.
  • Three minutes later, with the help of his sidearm, he had a full confession, including a description of the bound albino monk.
  • Minutes later, as the Jaguar stretch limo powered through the streets, Silas’s cell phone rang.
  • Minutes later, the Teacher was crossing St. James’s Park.
  • Within minutes, he was stepping into the quiet sanctuary of London’s grandest nine-hundred-year-old building.
  • Minutes later, the police scanner crackled with the answer.
  • Four minutes later, as Langdon began feeling fearful they would not find what they had come for, the computer produced another hit.
  • The Teacher had been scrutinizing the monument for ten minutes now.
  • Langdon had already made his decision several minutes ago, while standing alone at the window overlooking College Garden.
  • After a few minutes, the symbols got fuzzy.
  • Over the next few minutes, the computer returned several more Grail references, including a text about troubadours—France’s famous wandering minstrels.
  • Now, I realize this is an intrusion, but if you could afford me a few more minutes, I have traveled a great distance to scatter ashes amongst these tombs.
  • A mere fifteen minutes.
  • Minutes later, Teabing got out of the car, climbed into the rear again, cleaned up the evidence, and finally emerged to carry out the final phase of his mission.
  • Five minutes.
  • When Langdon had first seen The Little Mermaid, he had actually gasped aloud when he noticed that the painting in Ariel’s underwater home was none other than seventeenth-century artist Georges de la Tour’s The Penitent Magdalene—a famous homage to the banished Mary Magdalene—fitting decor considering the movie turned out to be a ninety-minute collage of blatant symbolic references to the lost sanctity of Isis, Eve, Pisces the fish goddess, and, repeatedly, Mary Magdalene.
  • As Langdon stood over the body and squinted in the harsh light, he reminded himself to his amazement that Saunière had spent his last minutes of life arranging his own body in this strange fashion.
  • The Sprawling 185-acre estate of Château Villette was located twenty-five minutes northwest of Paris in the environs of Versailles.
  • Twenty minutes later, Langdon stepped out of the Hotel Ritz into Place Vendôme.

  • There are no more uses of "minuteness" in the book.

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