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Ender's Game
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  • Marching constantly around every boy’s desk was this message: I LOVE YOUR BUTT.
  • Your presence in this house is a constant disruption.
  • Mother and Father worried sometimes, with Peter and Valentine constantly together, their desks tucked under their arms.
  • Earth was the constant noise of crickets and winds and birds.
  • Their tug was fairly new; the I.F. was constantly casting off its old vehicles and purchasing the latest models.
  • We’re here with the ansible, receiving constant reports of the progress of our starships.
  • What bothered Ender was that he was constantly surrounded by strangers.
  • He began to wish for his toon leaders, so that he could count on some of the squadrons doing well without having his constant supervision.
  • Through the Giant’s Drink again, past the wolf-children, reliving the terrible deaths, the constant murders; he heard a voice whispering in the forest.
  • He would routinely reorient the simulator every few minutes, rotating it so that he didn’t get trapped into an up-down orientation, constantly reviewing his position from the enemy point of view.

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  • The history of computers is a history of constant technological advancement.
  • She is in constant pain.

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