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Eros -- from Greek mythology
Used In
Ender's Game
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  • I.F. Command is on the minor planet Eros, which should be about three months away from here at the highest possible speed.
  • So when we arrive at Eros, you will undoubtedly be assigned to permanent duty there.
  • By the way, you should be aware, in case you’re one of those who relies on visuals for docking, that Eros has been blacked out.
  • The tug reached Eros before they could see it.
  • The captain docked the ship on one of the three landing platforms that circled Eros.
  • It could not land directly because Eros had enhanced gravity, and the tug, designed for towing cargos, could never escape the gravity well.
  • Ender hated Eros from the moment he shuttled down from the tug.
  • He had been uncomfortable enough on Earth, where floors were flat; Eros was hopeless.
  • From the start, Ender was plagued by vertigo as he walked through the tunnels, especially the ones that girdled Eros’s narrow circumference.
  • He looked to be about sixty, by far the oldest man Ender had seen on Eros.
  • I think they all hate me because, after they saw these videos, they had to live out the rest of their natural lives here on Eros.
  • What evidence is there in Eros?
  • In a period of three days, Eros gradually disappeared from telescopes.
  • There are Russian marines all over Eros, and the Polemarch is Russian.
  • Locke is the one who argued for Ender to stay on Eros.
  • He wasn’t inside Eros that day.
  • I was hoping, though, that someone I knew on Eros might come with me.
  • Mazer accepted a few hours ago, back in Eros.
  • Sometimes Ender wondered if he were mentally ill, escaped from some medical ward somewhere in Eros, living out some insane fantasy here in Ender’s room.
  • They were practically on top of it. only four thousand kilometers out. but Eros, only twenty-four kilometers long, was invisible if it didn’t shine with reflected sunlight.
  • But now Eros was busier than ever, more crowded than it had ever been during the war, as colonists were brought here to prepare for their voyages to the empty bugger worlds.
  • Eros?
  • For a time, the only work in Eros was cleaning up after the bloody League War and receiving the reports of the starships, once warships, that were now exploring the bugger colony worlds.
  • When they boarded the shuttle that would take them to the surface of Eros they repeated perverse misquotations of lines from the videos that the captain had endlessly watched, and laughed like madmen.

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  • Cupid is the Roman counterpart to the Greek Eros.
  • I’d lost Daphne because of one careless comment to Eros.
    Rick Riordan  --  The Trials of Apollo

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