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Ender's Game
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  • We have programmed the computer to simulate the kinds of situations we might expect in encounters with the enemy.
  • Years, to develop the new battlerooms and run the simulations.
  • Then run the simulations and see which ones are hardest, which easiest.
  • We did computer simulations on probable results.
  • And for pleasure, there was the simulator, the most perfect videogame he had ever played.
  • The watchers would stay, silently, watching him run through a difficult simulation, and then leave just as he finished.
  • But instead of mindlessly following these same patterns, I will be controlling the enemy simulation.
  • Simulated battles under Mazer’s supervision came every two or three days, and as Mazer had promised, they were never so easy again.
  • He had long since realized that as the battleroom was to Battle School, so the simulator was to Command School.
  • In this simulation they obviously don’t know what our weapons can do.
  • He found that a great deal of what he learned at Battle School transferred to the simulator.
  • "Most of what you see is computer simulations," Mazer said.
  • By the time he had been at Command School for a year, he was adept at running the simulator at any of fifteen levels, from controlling an individual fighter to commanding a fleet.
  • At the end of his first year he was winning every battle on the simulator, and played the game as if the machine were a natural part of his body.
  • One day, eating a meal with Graff, he asked, "Is that all the simulator does?"
  • All the rest with the simulator.
  • The old man rarely spoke, but he was there; at meals, at tutorials, at the simulator, in his room at night.
  • They had changed the simulator.
  • You’ll learn who they are and how they think from the way they work with the simulator.
  • They learned many ways of working together, as the simulator forced them to try different situations.
  • Sometimes the simulator gave them a single starship with its twelve fighters, and he chose three squadron leaders with four fighters each.
  • The simulator would display the situation on the screen.
  • It was a very odd dream, and Ender couldn’t easily shake loose of it, even as he walked through the tunnels to the simulator room.
  • He got to the simulator and found his squadron leaders already on the wire, waiting for him.
  • Then the simulator field went blank, the ships disappeared, and everything changed at once.
  • At the near edge of the simulator field they could see the shapes, drawn in holographic light, of three starships from the human fleet.
  • Ender selected one starship, made it blink in the simulator field, and spoke into the microphone.
  • They told Ender that the ones who weren’t actually playing would come into the simulator rooms and watch.
  • As he drifted off to sleep each night, it was with thoughts of the simulator playing through his mind.
  • Then he went to the simulator room for practice.
  • There were other people in the simulator room.
  • He walked to the simulator controls and sat down, ready to start.
  • If you prefer not to have them in the room, we’ll have them watch on another simulator.
  • The simulator field cleared.
  • The enemy outnumbered him a thousand to one, the simulator glowed green with them.
  • The planet was at the far edge of the field, and for all Ender knew there were just as many enemy ships beyond it, out of the simulator’s range.
  • Only at the very periphery of the simulator did the M.D. field weaken.
  • He had seen it before on the simulator; now he saw it as the hive-queen saw it, through many different eyes.
  • This is a simulation of a real invasion.
  • They were grouped in a dozen different formations shifting positions, changing shapes, moving in seemingly random patterns through the simulator field.
  • Sometimes the simulator gave them a larger fleet to work with; Ender set them up then in three or four toons that consisted of three or four squadrons each.
  • Then the surface of the planet, which filled half the simulator field now, began to bubble; there was a gout of explosion, hurling debris out toward Ender’s fighters.
  • The simulation responded beautifully: first one or two, then a dozen, then most of the enemy ships exploded in dazzling light as the field leapt from ship to ship in the tight formation.
  • He would routinely reorient the simulator every few minutes, rotating it so that he didn’t get trapped into an up-down orientation, constantly reviewing his position from the enemy point of view.
  • Ender’s fighters were among the first to go: their perspective suddenly vanished, and now the simulator could only display the perspective of the starships waiting beyond the edges of the battle.
  • Ender grouped his reserves in two forces that shadowed Alai at a safe distance; Bean was already off the simulator, though Ender occasionally flipped to Bean’s point of view to keep track of where he was.
  • He spoke commands to simulated pilots of four fighters, and instead of merely carrying out the computer’s instructions, he was allowed to determine tactics himself, deciding which of several objectives was the most valuable and directing his squadron accordingly.
  • They’ve been flogging us through the simulator for three months now," said Dink.

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  • A computer model is used to simulate the effects of wind.
  • Our police are tested in conditions that simulate high-pressure gunfire exchange with criminals in the presence of innocent bystanders.

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