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censor -- as related to censorship
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Ender's Game
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  • It’s all there, nothing censored.
  • Ender didn’t know about the censorship, but he did know that running to the cameras would be wrong.
  • He didn’t know that it would be censored out of the tape if he did, for the boys soaring out to Battle School were all supposed to be heroes.
  • It frustrated Ender that Maser Rackham’s victory was so obviously censored.
  • This time we can’t censor your letter.
  • These were not pieced together from the censored public videos, but whole and continuous.
  • But if they called for him to be brought home, the words were censored from the videos and no one heard the plea.

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  • The Chinese devote enormous resources to censoring the Internet.
  • The performer chose Bombay as a good word to rhyme with today, but India’s Central Board of Film Certification censored the word and replaced it with a beep.

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