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  • Their words were indistinct—something about the spice . the Harkonnens.
  • A thought spread across his mind—clear, distinct: The real wealth of a planet is in its landscape, how we take part in that basic source of civilization—agriculture.
  • The room was permeated with the distinctive acrid furry odor of a Fremen sietch that she had come to associate with a sense of security.
  • He forced himself to speak distinctly: "What do you see?"
  • But the style of the player in the night, the distinctiveness of the fingers on the baliset’s strings, brought the real musician back to Paul’s memory.
  • DRUM SAND: impaction of sand in such away that any sudden blow against its surface produces a distinct drum sound.
  • Yet . distinct.
  • FIRST MOON: the major satellite of Arrakis, first to rise in the night; notable for a distinct human fist pattern on its surface.
  • WINDTRAP: a device placed in the path of a prevailing wind and capable of precipitating moisture from the air caught within it, usually by a sharp and distinct drop in temperature within the trap.
  • It grew louder, carrying distinct sounds now: "Ya!

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  • Martinez and his colleagues identified 21 distinct emotions made by the human face.
  • Two distinct brain networks guide our judgments.

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