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  • This latitude’s life-zone has mostly what we call minor water stealers—adapted to raiding each other for moisture, gobbling up the trace-dew.
  • Many creatures have adapted to this place.
  • We must use man as a constructive ecological force—inserting adapted terraform life: a plant here, an animal there, a man in that place—to transform the water cycle, to build a new kind of landscape.
  • Adaptive zones were laid out in the deep south far from Harkonnen watchers.
  • Now came the crucial test: date palms, cotton, melons, coffee, medicinals — more than 200 selected food plant types to test and adapt.
  • She knew the cant of the Missionaria Protectiva, knew how to adapt the techniques of legend and fear and hope to her emergency needs, but she sensed wild changes here . as though someone had been in among these Fremen and capitalized on the Missionaria Protectiva’s imprint.
  • Completely adapted to the diet and the life here.
  • (See Varota.) CIELAGO: any modified Chiroptera of Arrakis adapted to carry distrans messages.
  • MUAD’DIB: the adapted kangaroo mouse of Arrakis, a creature associated in the Fremen earth-spirit mythology with a design visible on the planet’s second moon.
  • Now, they came in with deeper plantings — ephemerals (chenopods, pigweeds, and amaranth to begin), then scotch broom, low lupine, vine eucalyptus (the type adapted for Caladan’s northern reaches), dwarf tamarisk, shore pine — then the true desert growths: candelilla, saguaro, and bis-naga, the barrel cactus.
  • (It is said of Muad’Dib that once he watched a desert hawk chick emerge from its shell and whispered: "Kull wahad!") KULON: wild ass of Terra’s Asiatic steppes adapted for Arrakis.

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  • This passage is adapted from Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man ©1952.

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