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as in: can't function well without sleep Define
work or operate -- sometimes to work or operate normally or in a particular way
  • Hawat’s shocked fury had mounted until it threatened the smooth functioning of his Mentat capabilities.
  • Jessica held herself to stillness lest she disturb the hyper-functioning of his mind.

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  • I don’t function well on less than six hours of sleep a night; and I do best on nine.
  • My brain does not function as well when I’m under stress.

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unspecified meaning
  • Shall I perform my various functions for the eminent Feyd-Rau-
  • Bene Gesserit performs another function.

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  • Perform one of your various functions.
  • Function as a Mentat for us, if you please.
  • Paul’s attention went to the carved headboard of his bed—a false headboard attached to the wall and concealing the controls for this room’s functions.
  • Hawat’s mind will be so filled with this prospect it’ll impair his function as a Mentat.
  • It’s essentially a large ’thopter, whose sole function is to deliver a factory to spice-rich sands, then to rescue the factory when a sandworm appears.
  • He hadn’t wanted to attend this function, but his father had been firm.
  • The highest function of ecology is understanding consequences.
  • Nor the court functions and affairs of state I’ve had to delay — even cancel — because of this stupid affair?

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  • His reign is noted chiefly for the Arrakis Revolt, blamed by many historians on Shaddam IV’s dalliance with Court functions and the pomp of office.
  • Its fabric is a micro-sandwich performing functions of heat dissipation and filter for bodily wastes.
  • That’s why the highest function of ecology is the understanding of consequences.
  • RECATHS: body-function tubes linking the human waste disposal system to the cycling filters of a stillsuit.
  • TRAINING: when applied to Bene Gesserit, this otherwise common term assumes special meaning, referring to that conditioning of nerve and muscle (see Bindu and Prana) which is carried to the last possible notch permitted by natural function.

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as in: Its main function is to... Define
purpose, job, or natural activity
as in: can't function well without sleep Define
work or operate -- sometimes to work or operate normally or in a particular way
as in: I'm attending a function tonight Define
a social event or ceremony -- especially one attended for work or out of a sense of duty
as in: oxygen is a function of altitude Define
saying one results from another; or saying that the amount of one thing is dependent upon the value of another.
as in: Amazon's new search function Define
computer code that performs a specific task
as in: a mathematical function Define
a formula or mathematical expression that describes a relationship between variables
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