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  • She estimated that this pleasure room used water enough to support a thousand persons on Arrakis—possibly more.
  • From food processing and other evidence, Idaho estimates the cave complex he visited consisted of some ten thousand people, all told.
  • What’s the firm estimate on basic equipment?
  • Wormsign is on intercept course, your position, estimated contact twenty-five minutes.
  • Hawat here estimates that graft and extra fighting men heretofore required in their operations have been costing them four times that amount.
  • The hole’s diameter was at least twice the length of the crawler, Paul estimated.
  • After assessing the repairs and operable equipment, we’ve worked out a first estimate on operating costs.
  • There was enough water along the table, the Duke estimated, to keep a poor Arrakeen family for more than a year.
  • That was a sharp estimate.
  • She estimated there were more than five thousand people gathered out there beneath the ledge where she stood with Stilgar.
  • And if m’Lord will forgive me, his estimate may be low.
  • My best estimate is that they had at least twice that many communities.
  • Historians estimate the riots took eighty million lives.
  • Considering the unrest of the time, this may not be an excessive estimate, although any pretense to real accuracy in the figure must be just that — pretense.
  • He shook his head sharply to drive out such thoughts, said: "Let’s get to the working estimate.
  • The Duke slid into his seat, frowning, said: "We still have almost three minutes on the original contact estimate.

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  • What do you estimate this will cost?
  • Can you estimate the cost?

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