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  • She probed the farther darkness with her trained senses.
  • We should’ve used sonic probes down there.
  • They’ll have seismic probes on the surface, too.
  • He had always expected their enemy to hire an occasional lighter from the Guild for probing raids.
  • There was time to probe and test and taste, but no time to shape.
  • Paul slid a foot forward, shifted his weight, and probed with the other foot, met an obstruction.
  • Now I must probe this Reverend Mother mystery, she thought.
  • Presently, Paul moved slantwise up the slope, probing cautiously until he found the wall of the fissure, an outcurve of rock there.
  • Jessica watched as he studied that apocalyptic landscape, his eyes probing into sand rivers and canyons.
  • Jessica sensed the daughter-mote still touching her inner awareness, probed it without response.
  • Paul spoke dryly, probing the emotional undercurrents.
  • Any more probing sorties?
  • Paul remained silent, probing with his inner senses, examining the blood from the wound, finding a trace of soporific from the Emperor’s blade.
  • Again, they circled, probing.
  • With her psychokinesthetic probing, she moved into it, shifted an oxygen mote, allowed another carbon mote to link, reattached a linkage of oxygen . hydrogen.
  • Paul resumed his probing circle, allowing himself a cold smile at the tone of unease in Feyd-Rautha’s voice, evidence that the pressure of silence was building.
  • Around her, the escort kept its distance, fanning out into the rocks of the ridge to probe for dangers — and giving the mate of Muad’Dib, the mother of his firstborn, the thing she had requested: a moment to walk alone.
  • She shot a probing stare at him, said: "His plan has good points and bad points . as any plan would at this stage.
  • Before she could probe this, he said: "I do not necessarily offer myself as mate.
  • And if we crossed there making only natural sounds, the kind that don’t attract the worms . " Paul studied the open desert, questing in his prescient memory, probing the mysterious allusions to thumpers and maker hooks in the Fremkit manual that had come with their escape pack.

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  • There was a congressional probe into the scandal.
  • She probed beneath the gum line as she examined his teeth.

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