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  • The pattern froze before it could be vocalized, confronted by the single thought: This is my son.
  • Again, she hesitated, almost turned back to confront Yueh and drag the hidden thing from him.
  • He had seen two main branchings along the way ahead—in one he confronted an evil old Baron and said: "Hello, Grandfather."
  • Jessica recognized the man Stilgar confronted—Jamis!
  • And Paul recalled the scorn in his mother’s voice as she had confronted him after the fight.
  • He found himself in an open space confronted by Stilgar and a strange woman wearing a flowing wraparound garment of brilliant orange and green.
  • Jessica recognized the effort to lighten her mood and was grateful for it, but could not take her mind from the danger that confronted her.
  • Having to confront Gurney forced a reassessment of the changes.
  • But when you look inward and confront the raw force of your own life unshielded, you see your peril.
  • An entire chain of molecules confronted her, and she recognized a protein . a methyl-protein configuration.
  • The knifeman confronted him.
  • We are daily confronted by the terrifying instability of all things human, yet we permit our religions to grow more rigid and controlled, more conforming and oppressive.
  • She focused on the psychokinesthetic extension of herself, looking within, and was confronted immediately with a cellular core, a pit of blackness from which she recoiled.
  • It remained a foreign room, as though she had never walked here, never walked here with her beloved Leto, never confronted a drunken Duncan Idaho here — never, never, never . There should be a word-tension directly opposite to adab, the demanding memory, she thought.

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  • You must confront your problems.
  • You must confront your opponent.

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