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  • The smugglers have close contact with the Fremen and would’ve acquired such a device if it were available.
  • It was a warm night at Castle Caladan, and the ancient pile of stone that had served the Atreides family as home for twenty-six generations bore that cooled-sweat feeling it acquired before a change in the weather.
  • You’ll acquire the blue eyes and a callus beside your lovely nose from the filter tube to your stillsuit . and you’ll bear my sister: St. Alia of the Knife.
  • She stared at Stilgar, forcing him to think of how Paul had acquired the pistol.
  • His body had slowly acquired a certain spice tolerance that made prescient visions fewer and fewer . dimmer and dimmer.
  • GHANIMA: something acquired in battle or single combat.
  • In the subtleties of the Fremen tongue, the word meant "something acquired in battle" and with the added overtone that the something no longer was used for its original purpose.

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  • Children acquire language at an amazing rate.
  • They are working to acquire nuclear weapons.

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