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  • You can see by the way it’s wind-cut that’s the windward face.
  • He stepped out onto the windward face of the dune, following the curve of it, moved with a dragging pace.
  • He stumbled, fell sideways along the crusty surface of the windward face.
  • Stooping, Paul planted the thumper deep into the windward face where the sand was compacted and would give maximum transmission to the drumming.
  • The windward side is packed smooth and hard.
  • With the downwind face anchored, the windward face grew higher and higher and the grass was moved to keep pace.
  • When barrier dunes reached sufficient height, the windward faces were planted with tougher sword grasses.

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  • The windward side of the island gets more rain.
  • Stay on the windward side of a backfire.

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