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  • a sudden emergence into a clearing
  • The laugh broke through her restraints, emerging brittle, without humor.
  • As he emerged from the shadows, his figure took on dimension — grossly and immensely fat.
  • A tall man in a patched working robe was the last to emerge.
  • Paul emerged with a stubborn slowness.
  • Paul saw his father emerge from the doorway, inspect the room, then cross to the group around the Lady Jessica.
  • The pattern emerged and she put a hand to her cheek.
  • Atreides guards emerged swiftly, all of them heavily armed—slow-pellet stunners, swords and shields.
  • Then they saw it! A wide hole emerged from the sand.
  • As they emerged into the dining hall, she disengaged her arm, allowed Leto to seat her.
  • Halleck emerged from the alcove in dress uniform, his lumpy ugliness seeming out of place in the glittering finery.
  • Harkonnen guards came alert, staring at him as he emerged from the front entrance into flame-lighted night.
  • Once more, he emerged into the light of the blazing palms.
  • She was suddenly caught by the idea of genetic traces in her son’s features—her lines in eyes and facial outline, but sharp touches of the father peering through that outline like maturity emerging from childhood.
  • Instruments lined the bench—dials glowing, wire gridex planes with fluting glass emerging from them.
  • "Something cannot emerge from nothing," he said.
  • Paul stood up, emerging into moonlight above his concealing cleft, slipped the Fremen weapon back into his sash.
  • Feyd-Rautha turned, faced the big red door across from him through which the gladiator would emerge.
  • A file of plodding figures emerged from a break in the opposite cliff, headed directly across the sink.
  • A ship-type bucket seat emerged from the wall beside the screens and Halleck sank onto it with a sigh, feeling his weariness.
  • The appearance of the gladiator as he emerged told the trained eye much it needed to know.
  • "Mankind has ah only one mm-m-m science," the Count said as they picked up their parade of followers and emerged from the hall into the waiting room—a narrow space with high windows and floor of patterned white and purple tile.
  • The five men of his personal guard were out with him, emerging from the nose hatch.
  • The maker, after emerging from its little maker vector, avoided water for the poison it was.
  • Two hooded Fremen emerged from the broken rock below them, began climbing upward.
  • Jessica tucked a message cylinder beneath her robe as she emerged to the ledge from Paul’s private quarters.
  • They emerged into the narrow side-passage entrance to the Cave of Birds.
  • Paul emerged into a shallow depression in the Shield Wall’s surface.
  • Two men emerged from the hole by the communications equipment, spoke to the guards there.
  • From the charts emerged a figure.
  • The few survivors entered a semidormant cyst-hibernation to emerge in six years as small (about three meters long) sandworms.
  • Of these, only a few avoided their larger brothers and pre-spice water pockets to emerge into maturity as the giant shai-hulud.
  • She sat down, smiling at the Baron, then giving her attention to the sand floor beneath them where Feyd-Rautha was emerging in giles and tights—the black glove and the long knife in his right hand, the white glove and the short knife in his left hand.
  • Then he saw movement in the clustered people, a face and figure emerged — Thufir Hawat, the seamed old features with darkly stained lips, the hunched shoulders, the look of fragile age about him.
  • A Fremen emerged from the hidden area of the chamber, spoke to Kynes: "Liet, the field-generator equipment is not working.
  • You’ll take every precaution—" He broke off, his chain of thought shattered by a disturbance in the corridor behind him—guards at the door to the lift from the lower levels of the frigate trying to hold back a tall colonel bashar who had just emerged from the lift.
  • As facts grew into evidence, a creature emerged to explain these leathery scraps — a sandswimmer that blocked off water into fertile pockets within the porous lower strata below the 280∞ (absolute) line.
  • (It is said of Muad’Dib that once he watched a desert hawk chick emerge from its shell and whispered: "Kull wahad!") KULON: wild ass of Terra’s Asiatic steppes adapted for Arrakis.

  • There are no more uses of "emerge" in the book.

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  • China recently emerged as a world power.
  • The idea emerged at a Student Council meeting.

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