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  • And Paul had been caught more by her tone — singsong and wavering — than by her words.
  • He still clutched his knife, but its point wavered.
  • The black pits of their eyes stared back at her without wavering.
  • The fighting wavered, hesitated.
  • She began recognizing familiar structures, atomic linkages: a carbon atom here, helical wavering . a glucose molecule.
  • The beady eyes stared without wavering at Hawat.
  • She thought at first it must be a patrol vehicle, then realized it was a mirage—another landscape hovering over the desert-sand and a distant wavering of greenery and in the middle distance a long worm traveling the surface with what looked like Fremen robes fluttering on its back.

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  • Through good times and bad her love for him has never wavered.
  • We are looking for someone who won’t waver when things get tough.

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