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  • She edged her voice with scorn, said: "Is this the way you were taught?"
  • She compressed ultimate scorn into her voice and manner, said: "Well-l-l, now—how does it feel to be a killer?"
  • And Paul recalled the scorn in his mother’s voice as she had confronted him after the fight.
  • The words had been uttered with the Bene Gesserit controlled atonals, carrying in it every shade of contempt and scorn that Paul could put there.
  • He checked the scorn on his tongue by a visible effort because it did not take a Guild navigator’s single-minded focus on the main chance to see the immediate future out on that plain.
  • (A term of scorn in the Imperium, meaning any "wild" person given to fanatical prediction.) UROSHNOR: one of several sounds empty of general meaning and which Bene Gesserit implant within the psyches of selected victims for purposes of control.
  • Jessica spoke quickly, scornfully: "I need no one’s pity.

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  • Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
  • That coach scorns students who don’t have natural ability.

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