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  • Halleck sat back, resumed strumming the baliset.
  • He smiled at Jessica, resumed eating as though nothing had happened.
  • Slowly, the dinner conversation resumed, but Jessica heard the agitation in it, the brittle quality, saw that the banker ate in sullen silence.
  • Small talk resumed around her: "Such a lovely fabric ."
  • The funeral ceremony resumed.
  • The music resumed at the quick-march, and Feyd-Rautha led his men scampering back across the arena to the prudence door that admitted only those wearing the proper identification band.
  • The troop resumed its climb up into a crack in the rocks, but there was a stillness of breath about the Fremen now that filled Paul with caution, and he noted covert glances toward Chani, the way she seemed to withdraw, pulling in upon herself.
  • He looked to the gap in the rock wall and back to Gurney, found that the troubadour-warrior had resumed a brooding scowl.
  • Paul resumed his silent circling.
  • Paul resumed his probing circle, allowing himself a cold smile at the tone of unease in Feyd-Rautha’s voice, evidence that the pressure of silence was building.

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  • We hope for a resumption of negotiations.
  • The United Nations vote permits a resumption of trade with the country.

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