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  • "I am hungry," the Baron rumbled, and he rubbed his protruding lips with a beringed hand, stared down at Feyd-Rautha through fat-enfolded eyes.
  • A black handle with deep finger ridges protruded from it.
  • He reached into his tunic, brought out a sheath with a black-ridged handle protruding from it.
  • He felt pain there, saw a dart protruding from the sleeve, sensed paralysis spreading from it up his arm.
  • Wisps of sandy hair protruded from it, matched by a sparse beard and thick brows.
  • Paul shifted his attention to the robe-covered mound at Stilgar’s feet, recognized the handle of a baliset protruding from the fabric.
  • But the gladiator came over with his own knife, protruding from his breast.
  • He bent and crossed the gladiator’s hands around the protruding knife handle, then removed the knife and placed it in the limp hands.
  • He touched the nezhoni scarf at her forehead where it protruded from her stillsuit cap.
  • Her face peered out of the hood like a witch caricature — sunken cheeks and eyes, an overlong nose, skin mottled and with protruding veins.

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  • metal spikes protrude from the dog’s collar
  • operate to repair the muscle wall through which the hernia protrudes

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