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  • The cargo handlers left without intruding on the Great Hall.
  • Why do they intrude?
  • This was the voice of command, the voice that had first shocked them with its intrusion from the night.
  • Chani’s voice intruded from the deep cave darkness: "Tell me about the waters of your birthworld, Paul Muad’Dib."
  • Paul’s voice intruded on her, and Jessica struggled out of the inner awareness to stare up at him, conscious of duty to him, but resenting his presence.
  • Still in the dreamlike state, Paul remembered that Harah, Jamis’ wife, had intruded on him once to say there’d been a fight in the sietch corridor.
  • Harah answered; "Not only has she refused to play with the other children today, but she intruded where . "
  • And she wondered what other society would have such a natural regard for her privacy and comfort that the giver would intrude only enough to deposit the gift and not inflict her with the donor?
  • A man’s voice intruded: "He liked music betimes, Jamis did.

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  • It is an unnecessary government intrusion into private affairs.
  • our security software detected an unauthorized intrusion into the network

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