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  • He saw no shields or any indication of their use.
  • He calls Count Fenring Ambassador to the Smugglers, indicating the Emperor’s interest in smuggling operations on Arrakis.
  • "Piter," the Baron rumbled, "you indicated —"
  • All evidence indicates the Duke was a man not easily hoodwinked.
  • I indicate that House Atreides will go to Arrakis.
  • "I indicated accidents can happen," Piter said.
  • There are certain preparations that indicate when a House is going renegade.
  • They used pack beasts and indicated they faced an eighteen-day journey.
  • Paul looked in the indicated direction, saw the distant speck: a dot of intermittent motion, and realized how keyed up his father must be.
  • The Geologist’s manner indicated a change in attitude toward the House of Atreides.
  • There was no sign of a poison snooper here, no indication of their use anywhere in the cave warren.
  • The slave wore green leotards and the red belt of a semishield—the belt’s arrow pointing left to indicate the slave’s left side was shielded.
  • Kynes indicated an arched opening in the side wall of the chamber.
  • Kynes indicated the cabinets against the right-hand wall, said: "This way."
  • He indicated a rock bench within the horn.
  • But there were other far more important indications that they virtually ignored: 1.
  • He pointed to the Emperor’s blade on the floor, indicating that Feyd-Rautha should advance and take it.
  • IBAD, EYES OF: characteristic effect of a diet high in melange wherein the whites and pupils of the eyes turn a deep blue (indicative of deep melange addiction).
  • This was a clear indication that some agency was interfering with higher order dimensions!
  • The ’thopter waggled its wings to indicate it had the signal.
  • Feyd-Rautha indicated his fear by only the barest hesitation.
  • He turned toward the dune Stilgar had indicated — a dirty tan slope with an S-track crest.
  • He indicated a place with his foot.
  • Paul pulled at his lip to indicate he understood, looked up at the men standing guard above them on the rocks.
  • Its green and white stripes indicate the constant multiple, condition of parallel active and dormant chlorophyll regions.
  • (On planets with sufficient water, a pan indicates a region once covered by open water.

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  • These maps are drawn with north to the top unless otherwise indicated.
  • She did not indicate which candidate she supports.

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