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  • They came to a series of shelves dropping down and, beyond them, saw a fissure with its ledge outlined by moonshadow leading along the vestibule.
  • The fissure narrowed to some ten meters’ width at the brink of a dim gray sandslope that slanted downward into darkness.
  • Presently, Paul moved slantwise up the slope, probing cautiously until he found the wall of the fissure, an outcurve of rock there.
  • He stopped at the end of the fissure where it looked out on the desert’s marching dunes some thirty meters below.
  • He looked back up the fissure.
  • In that instant, the sun lifted above the horizon somewhere to the left beyond the end of the fissure.
  • Presently, he looked up the fissure at the new slope, studying it, marking the looseness of the sand.
  • Paul ignored her, leaped to his feet, and was off down the wind-compacted surface that spilled from the end of the fissure to the desert’s floor.
  • Paul reached the spice patch, shoveled a mound of it into a fold of his robe, returned to the fissure.
  • She looked up to see a line of hawks along the rim of the fissure.
  • Taking the reworked instrument in one hand, a handful of spice in the other, Paul went back up the fissure, studying the lay of the slope.
  • In a few minutes they stood on the floor of the fissure holding the pack between them.
  • She turned, seeing that Paul had the tent up, its rib-domed hemisphere blending with the rock walls of the fissure.
  • A spill of sand spread its brief curtain across the open end of the fissure.
  • Jessica nodded, walked to the fissure’s mouth where she could get a sweep of the desert, and swung her binoculars to the left.
  • He slipped away from her side and she heard his progress back up their fissure.
  • He was out on the hard-packed floor of the fissure then, swinging her to his shoulder and breaking into a staggering run as the entire sandslope came down with a loud hiss that echoed and was magnified within the rock walls.

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  • The earthquake opened a small fissure across the road.
  • The crisis is creating a fissure in the coalition government.

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