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  • An Atreides guard stood beside it with bared sword and the faint air-distortion of a shield around him.
  • The most gentle of pressures to distort the lines—a turn of the wrist, another turn, a sliding twist of the palm across the surface.
  • Through Paul’s mind flashed the related knowledge, the hunter-seeker limitations: Its compressed suspensor field distorted the vision of its transmitter eye.
  • The voice from the speaker was flat and partly distorted by a burst of static: "We read and thank you."
  • Have you ever seen such distortion?
  • The first space experiences, poorly communicated and subject to extreme distortion, were a wild inducement to mystical speculation.
  • CONE OF SILENCE: the field of a distorter that limits the carrying power of the voice or any other vibrator by damping the vibrations with an image-vibration 180 degrees out of phase.

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  • These sunglasses distort my vision.
  • She has a distorted view of the world.

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