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as in: an abrupt change Define
sudden and unexpected
  • With abrupt decision, Paul...

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  • The bus came to an abrupt stop.
  • The weather changed abruptly at about noon.

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unspecified meaning
  • The old woman’s words abruptly lost their special sharpness for Paul.
  • Laughter was abrupt and too loud.

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  • Abruptly, he stiffened, whirled with mustache flopping over his purpled lips.
  • His head lolled forward, and there was an abrupt, panting silence to the scene.
  • Jessica looked down at the cup in her hand, abruptly dashed its contents across Idaho’s face.
  • Abruptly, head high, she turned and stalked off through the house to her rooms.
  • Abruptly, Yueh saw himself as cast away in this place of destruction, spared nothing, given not the smallest pity.
  • Paul nodded, fighting an abrupt reluctance to move.
  • Abruptly, as though he had found a necessary key, Paul’s mind climbed another notch in awareness.
  • Abruptly, the sand around the two groups sprouted Fremen.

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  • The machine sounds abruptly hummed away to silence.
  • It was cut off abruptly as though in embarrassment.
  • Paul stopped abruptly on a rock shelf, steadied his mother as she stumbled into him.
  • Abruptly, he saw that the Fremen were staring at him, waiting.
  • The vortex began as an abrupt billowing that rattled the entire ship.
  • In an abrupt and profound silence, Chani turned, stared at Paul.
  • Into the abrupt silence, he stepped back two paces, raised the key and shouted.
  • The troop stopped, and Paul sensed abrupt tension.
  • Abruptly, with only the faintest lurch of warning, the left wing, weakened by the storm, twisted upward and in, slamming across the side of the ’thopter.
  • She felt an abrupt fear.
  • Abruptly, it straightened, stretched its head upward and with a single screech, leaped into the air and banked away overhead with its companions behind it.
  • Abrupt fear shot through Jessica as her senses awakened to the tensions visible in the people gathered around Paul—the stiff movements, the ritual positions.
  • And he realized with an abrupt sense of shock that he had been giving more and more reliance to prescient memory and it had weakened him for this particular emergency.
  • It was not a large hall—perhaps forty meters long and half that in width—but false pillars along the sides had been shaped with an abrupt taper, and the ceiling had a subtle arch, all giving the illusion of much greater space.
  • Like an abrupt revelation—the curtains whipped away—she realized she had become aware of a psychokinesthetic extension of herself.
  • Jessica felt a constriction at her heart, an abrupt fear for Paul.
  • In the abrupt silence, Paul heard the wind devils playing overhead — the front of the storm.
  • The abrupt flicker-tightening of skin pressure told of a wide-area shield being activated.
  • The Emperor’s face was touched by an abrupt smile.
  • A garble of noise crackled from the speaker, drowned in an abrupt override signal, then silence and the first voice: "Report by the numbers!
  • Abruptly, the Duke stood up beside his trooper, spoke in a harsh tone of command: "Stay seated, everyone.

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as in: an abrupt change Define
sudden and unexpected
as in: she is abrupt Define
rude or unfriendly because of using too few words or moving too quickly
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