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  • Paul suppressed a laugh.
  • Hawat suppressed a smile, strode across the room.
  • Perhaps there was reason to suppress this.
  • The rage was difficult to suppress.
  • He suppressed a sudden anger, said: "Mother, don’t you think we could do without ."
  • I must suppress such longings, she thought.
  • Then he looked squarely at Paul, seeing the boy who had taken on the mantle of manhood, masking grief, suppressing all except the position that now must be assumed—the dukedom.
  • Jessica, pulled into the end of the troop by eager hands, hemmed around by jostling bodies, suppressed a moment of panic.
  • Paul saw that he had already suppressed the odorous assault on his senses.
  • The Baron trembled with the effort of suppressing anger.
  • But they suppress it because it terrifies.
  • And as she saw the killing of it in her new memory, she suppressed a gasp.
  • He suppressed his anger, tried to talk reasonably.
  • He suppressed a sudden urge to cavort there, to turn the worm, to show off his mastery of this creature.
  • Chani suppressed the desire to dash forward, throw herself across him.
  • Paul smiled, circling to the right, alert, his black thoughts suppressed by the needs of the moment.
  • I shouldn’t enjoy this, but I find the pleasure impossible to suppress.

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  • The dictator suppressed criticism in the press.
  • She struggled to suppress a smile as the little boy told of his fear of a monster under the bed.

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