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static -- as in: in a static state
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  • It's theoretically possible, of course—a shire-sized static counter charge is supposed to do the trick, but no one's ever been able to put it to the test.
  • Hawat nodded, crossed to the door to the adjoining room, closed it, shutting off the noise of static and electronic sparking.
  • Static electricity from sandstorms masks out many signals.
  • The voice from the speaker was flat and partly distorted by a burst of static: "We read and thank you."
  • Sand rasped as he opened the sphincter and a burred fizzle of grains ran into the tent before he could immobilize it with a static compaction tool.
  • She swallowed in a dry throat, slipped into the hole, felt static-packed sand rasp under her hands.
  • Storms, sand-static, and all that, you know.
  • Dry lightning streaked a dark corner to the south — sign that a storm had built up its static charge there.
  • Paul thought of the storm sweeping across the basin, the static charge within the wall of sand that destroyed every shield barrier in the enemy camp.
  • "Much static," the man said.
  • Static lightning crackled from the cloud and the spark flashes of shields being shorted out by the storm's charge could be seen through the haze.
  • BARADYE PISTOL: a static-charge dust gun developed on Arrakis for laying down a large dye marker area on sand.
  • OIL LENS: hufuf oil held in static tension by an enclosing force field within a viewing tube as part of a magnifying or other light-manipulation system.
  • He was pointing left and she looked along his arm to see that they stood atop a cliff with the desert stretched out like a static ocean some two hundred meters below.
  • Much static.
  • Much static!
  • The static.
  • The panel speaker emitted static crackles, then a voice: "Who calls Delta Ajax niner?
  • We'll discuss various types of static another time," the Count said.

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  • He was raised in a static village community where most people farmed in the same manner as their grandparents.
  • The web site is pretty static. Once you've seen it, there's not much reason to return.

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