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  • Others in like circumstances have become renegade Houses, taking family atomics and shields and fleeing beyond the Imperium.
  • There are certain preparations that indicate when a House is going renegade.
  • Take those Fremen, for example, the renegade people of the desert.
  • And again, he wondered at her unknown ancestry — a renegade House, perhaps?
  • Yet sometimes I think it’d have been better if we’d run for it, gone renegade.
  • You’ll not be a renegade House, but a guerrilla House—running, hunted.
  • But all he can hope for then is escape into renegade anonymity.
  • "A . renegade branch of the family," she said.
  • TLEILAX: lone planet of Thalim, noted as renegade training center for Mentats; source of "twisted" Mentats.
  • I think it would’ve been wiser for us to go renegade, to take ourselves beyond the Imperial reach," she said.

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  • renegade soldiers stole the supplies
  • turned renegade and renounced his faith

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