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  • She thought of the boy’s features as an exquisite distillation out of random patterns—endless queues of happenstance meeting at this nexus.
  • Somewhere this night he had passed a decision-nexus into the deep unknown.
  • But Paul still felt the nexus-boiling of this cave, still remembered the prescient visions of himself dead under a knife.
  • Variable piled on variable—that was why this cave lay as a blurred nexus in his path.
  • And what he saw was a time nexus within this cave, a boiling of possibilities focused here, wherein the most minute action—the wink of an eye, a careless word, a misplaced grain of sand—moved a gigantic lever across the known universe.
  • His entire future was becoming like a river hurtling toward a chasm — the violent nexus beyond which all was fog and clouds.
  • The future — the gray-cloud-future — with its feeling that the entire universe rolled toward a boiling nexus hung around him like a phantom world.
  • And he sampled the time-winds, sensing the turmoil, the storm nexus that now focused on this moment place.
  • Paul, aware of some of this from the way the time nexus boiled, understood at last why he had never seen Fenring along the webs of prescience.
  • This could only mean they saw a nexus, a meeting place of countless delicate decisions, beyond which the path was hidden from the prescient eye.
  • It was a known fact that Guild navigators could predict no way to take control of the spice without producing just such a nexus.

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  • The conflict is complicated by Afghanistan’s opium-terrorism nexus.
  • Silicon Valley is the nexus of technology and innovation.

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