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  • She pressed two leaf-wrapped morsels into his hand.
  • The Baron picked up a sliver of meat, pressed the morsel into his mouth, chewed slowly, swallowed.
  • He could still taste the morsel she had fed him—bird flesh and grain bound with spice honey and encased in a leaf.
  • Through it all, he had sensed the edge of cynicism in her—he knew her so well!—but nothing could stop this thing that had begun with a morsel of food.
  • She thought then how peaceful it was here in this moment of their tiredness, and she recalled once hearing the minstrel-warrior Gurney Halleck say, "Better a dry morsel and quietness therewith than a house full of sacrifice and strife."
  • She could still taste their morning meal—the morsel of bird flesh and grain bound within a leaf with spice honey—and it came to her that the use of time was turned around here: night was the day of activity and day was the time of rest.

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  • I ate every tasty morsel.
  • She ate it all. Not a morsel remains.

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