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  • Paul felt a kind of elation.
  • It was a sound of both grief and elation.
  • Jessica nodded, conserving her strength, sensing the terrible fatigue she held at bay by force of will . and, she admitted it: by the force of elation.
  • The sound filled Feyd-Rautha with elation.
  • They must see that I share their elation.
  • And Feyd-Rautha felt proud that his voice remained calm and reasonable, betraying none of the elation that filled him.
  • Finding his former swordmaster filled him with elation.
  • Memory of the unsolved problem with Stilgar cooled some of Paul’s elation.
  • Paul saw the return of elation to his opponent, wondered at it.
  • I wish it," Feyd-Rautha said, and Paul saw the elation on the man’s face.

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  • The elated winner couldn’t stop smiling.
  • I felt elated the first day of summer break.

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