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  • Even without her position as hostess, Jessica would have dominated the group, he thought.
  • We might, for example, have wanted to breed her to a close relative to set up a dominant in some genetic trait.
  • I marked the strong resemblance between them—my father and this man in the portrait—both with thin, elegant faces and sharp features dominated by cold eyes.
  • The old doctor leaned closer and closer until his face and drooping mustache dominated Leto’s narrowing vision.
  • Paul sat silently in the darkness, a single stark thought dominating his awareness: My mother is my enemy.
  • And still behind them, that whipping, frenzied tearing of rocks dominated the night.
  • She noted the withdrawn look in Paul’s eyes, but the mystery of this great pool of water dominated her thoughts.
  • Jessica felt that the night was dominated by degrees of smallness in substances beneath their feet and hands—boulders or pea gravel or flaked rock or pea sand or sand itself or grit or dust or gossamer powder.
  • Any comparison of the religious beliefs dominant in the Imperium up to the time of Muad’Dib must start with the major forces which shaped those beliefs: 1.
  • The spice odor from it dominated the air.
  • He steadied himself, his world dominated by the passage of that sand-clouded curving wall, that segmented cliff, the ring lines sharply defined in it.
  • A curry color dominated the southern sky now and there came fitful bursts and gusts of wind that whipped dust around their heads.
  • The so-called Ancient Teachings — including those preserved by the Zensunni Wanderers from the first, second, and third Islamic movements; the Navachristianity of Chusuk, the Buddislamic Variants of the types dominant at Lankiveil and Sikun, the Blend Books of the Mahayana Lankavatara, the Zen Hekiganshu of III Delta Pavonis, the Tawrah and Talmudic Zabur surviving on Salusa Secundus, the pervasive Obeah Ritual, the Muadh Quran with its pure Ilm and Fiqh preserved among the pundi rice…

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  • The defending World Champions dominated their unranked opponent.
  • She completely dominates her boyfriend.

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