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Angels & Demons
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as in: use the best approach Define
a way of doing something; or a rout that leads to a particular place
  • He hoped to prove that science and religion are two totally compatible fields-two different approaches to finding the same truth.

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  • Perhaps I just need to work harder, but I may need an entirely different approach to the problem.
  • She always approaches problems in a thoughtful manner.

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unspecified meaning
  • He felt like they were approaching an active volcano.
  • As they approached the end of the hall, the rumble became almost deafening, vibrating up through Langdon’s soles.

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  • Langdon watched Vittoria approach.
  • As he approached his destination, Janus’s parting words echoed in his mind.
  • "It sounds to me," he said, "like a rather Neanderthal approach to science . akin to smashing clocks together to discern their internal workings."
  • Approaching from the north was a helicopter, slicing low across the runway.
  • "Vittoria," Kohler said as she approached.
  • "Vittoria," Kohler said, as they approached the lab’s imposing steel door, "I should mention that I came down here this morning looking for your father."
  • The Swiss Guard chopper churned in neutral as Langdon and Vittoria approached.
  • As Langdon and Vittoria approached, the two guards stepped forward, crossing their long swords, blocking the entrance.

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  • When the commander finally clicked off his phone and approached across the room, he seemed to grow with each step.
  • As the camerlegno approached through the Loggias of Gregory XIII, he wondered if Cardinal Mortati was in a panic yet.
  • Our equations explain the early universe quite effectively, but as we move back in time, approaching time zero, suddenly our mathematics disintegrates, and everything becomes meaningless.
  • She approached.
  • Crossing the plaza, they approached the rear wall of the basilica and followed it through a triangular courtyard, across Via Belvedere, and into a series of buildings closely huddled together.
  • I’ll want separate approaches.
  • Mr. Langdon, when you told me you would explain the situation en route, I assumed I would be approaching the Pantheon with a clear idea of why my men are here.
  • Two blocks from the Pantheon, Langdon and Vittoria approached on foot past a line of taxis, their drivers sleeping in the front seats.
  • She approached the tomb of Raphael Santi.
  • Mortati had waited patiently at the main altar as each cardinal, in order of seniority, had approached and performed the specific balloting procedure.
  • As she approached the end of the aisle, she sensed the sound was coming from the floor just around the corner at the end of the pews.
  • Then, in absolute silence, as if her feet never touched the cobblestone, she was circling left in the shadows, arching across the square to approach the couple from the rear.
  • Langdon’s watch, now smeared with blood, read 9:41 P.M. as he ran across the Courtyard of the Belvedere and approached the fountain outside the Swiss Guard security center.
  • A pompiero approached Langdon across the church.
  • When they approached, however, they found the ancient lock hanging open.
  • As he approached the top of the hill, he was drenched in sweat, barely able to breathe.
  • The Swiss Guard standing around the chopper stood slack-jawed as the camerlegno approached them.
  • The final chapter . Chinita Macri approached him from behind and hoisted her camera onto her shoulder.

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as in: approached the city Define
to come near or nearer
as in: use the best approach Define
a way of doing something; or a rout that leads to a particular place
as in: approached her with the proposal Define
to speak with someone about something for the first time -- such as a proposal -- often something discussed in a delicate, tentative way
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