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Angels & Demons
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Angels & Demons
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  • A quote from St. Gregory of Nyssa emerged from his memory most unexpectedly.
  • Kohler spoke as though emerging from a fog.
  • Robert Langdon’s Saab 900S tore out of the Callahan Tunnel and emerged on the east side of Boston Harbor near the entrance to Logan Airport.
  • "Sorry for the slow flight," the pilot apologized, emerging from the cockpit.
  • A round-faced man in a blue flight suit emerged from behind the building.
  • When Kohler and Langdon emerged from the rear of CERN’s main complex into the stark Swiss sunlight, Langdon felt as if he’d been transported home.
  • A new Illuminati emerged.
  • A moment later, Vittoria Vetra emerged from the fuselage.
  • Langdon emerged from his daydream and looked up.
  • Now, however, an unexpected development had emerged.
  • The prostrate bodies seemed to emerge from within the tombs, pressing upward against the marble lids as if trying to escape their mortal restraints.
  • Olivetti was emerging from the security center.
  • Emerging like a demon from the earthen floor was an old man . or at least half of him.
  • "Hello there," she said, training on the man now emerging from the church.
  • The church was opposite them, a hazy cupola emerging from a faint cluster of buildings across the square.
  • Behind her, Langdon emerged from the Pantheon, dazed.
  • A moment later Langdon’s head emerged from the Demon’s hole, choking and gasping for air.
  • Almost instantly, it seemed an army emerged from the church.
  • As she hurried in the direction of the BBC van, a young man with a decidedly militaristic air emerged from the crowd before her.
  • When the editor-in-chief emerged from his office, he was ringing a cowbell.
  • Her children emerged from Sunday School every week uplifted, filled with ideas about helping others and being kinder.
  • Spinning blind, he called out, but his voice emerged strangled.
  • A guard emerged from the security center and called out to the camerlegno, "Signore, I just got word we have detained the BBC reporter, Mr. Glick."
  • Against the white marble, she could see a tiny speck of a person emerge from the Vatican and move toward the chopper.
  • Emerging from behind the tower, without warning, came the papal helicopter.
  • Emerging from the keyholes of each of the door’s massive locks were keys.
  • It was only 10:46 P.M. when a black van emerged from the alleyway on the far side of the piazza.
  • Halfway to the base of the obelisk, he emerged from the mist and could see the head of the bird more clearly.
  • The priest whom the Illuminati had inadvertently brought to power by killing the Pope had emerged as a worthy adversary.
  • But when he emerged over the crest, he felt reborn.
  • The Swiss Guards had seemed perplexed when he emerged all alone from the chapel and told them he needed a moment of solitude.
  • Langdon and Vittoria were swept up in the jostling crowd of cardinals, and they too emerged into the night air.
  • A fellow cardinal emerged from the Apostolic Palace and strode beside him.

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  • China recently emerged as a world power.
  • The idea emerged at a Student Council meeting.

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