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Angels & Demons
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Angels & Demons
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  • Vetra cried out in agony.
  • Cracking loudly, the corpse’s face rotated into view, contorted in agony.
  • Vittoria’s emotions were a cyclone of twisting agonies.
  • Dead center of Piazza Navona, outside the church of St. Agnes in Agony, Bernini had forged one of his most celebrated sculptures.
  • The church was called Saint Agnes in Agony, named for St. Agnes, a ravishing teenage virgin banished to a life of sexual slavery for refusing to renounce her faith.
  • Langdon hunkered lower, crouched in the shadows beside the huge stairway leading up to the Church of St. Agnes in Agony.
  • On the floor of the van, contorted in agony, lay a naked man.
  • His physical shell was in agony . burned, bruised, and held underwater by an immovable weight.
  • Halfway through his swing, the Hassassin dropped the bar and screamed in agony.
  • Every muscle in his body spasmed in agony.
  • He brandished a pistol, aimed at the camerlegno, who lay on the floor at his feet, writhing in agony.
  • He screamed out in agony.
  • Then the priest collapsed on the floor, writhing in agony.
  • The inspiration had been God’s own-appearing like a beacon in the camerlegno’s night of agony.

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  • She was in agony from a toothache.
  • She cried out in agony.

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