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Angels & Demons
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Angels & Demons
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  • Vittoria looked down at the staircase descending into the void and suddenly wanted to turn back.
  • Descending from the chopper in her khaki shorts and white sleeveless top, Vittoria Vetra looked nothing like the bookish physicist he had expected.
  • He descended into a fit of coughing and barely managed to choke out the words, "Locate the canister immediately . I am coming."
  • The doors closed, and the car began to descend.
  • 24:00:00 . 23:59:59 . 23:59:58 . Langdon studied the descending counter and decided it looked unsettlingly like a time bomb.
  • Langdon descended from the craft and turned to help Vittoria, but she had already dropped effortlessly to the ground.
  • The droplet appeared and disappeared in the robotic red blinking of a digital LED descending resolutely, making the technician’s skin crawl.
  • Langdon and Vittoria followed the white marble treads as they descended between a gauntlet of nude male sculptures.
  • Now, as Camerlegno Carlo Ventresca descended the Royal Staircase, he tried to comprehend the chain of events that had delivered him to this extraordinary crossroads.
  • Moving like a human wall, they began to descend.
  • Thankfully, they would not have to descend.
  • "What became of him?" she asked, descending, trying to keep her voice steady.
  • Vittoria motioned to the far side of the hole where a rotting, wooden ladder descended into the depths.
  • He had descended past a hollowed niche in the wall before him and suddenly found himself face to face with a collection of skulls.
  • As the echo of the ninth bell faded away, a peaceful silence descended across the square.
  • Already short of breath and struggling with the cumbersome volume, Langdon descended the ladder.
  • Chartrand enjoyed being out of the heavy goggles, and he stretched his neck as they descended into the sunken niche to scan the area.
  • As Langdon’s eyes followed the inferno upward, the true horror of the scene descended like a bird of prey.
  • The incensor cables stretched outward from the man’s wrists, rising to the ceiling where they passed through pulleys, and descended again to metal cleats on either side of the church.
  • He lifted an oil lamp, preparing to descend.
  • Descending the gangplank was another figure . a figure who moved so uniquely that it could only be one man.
  • "Careful now," Chartrand urged, sounding focused as the group began descending the stairs toward the helicopter.
  • He pushed past the others and began descending the Necropolis the way he had come, running down the hill.
  • The camerlegno felt himself drawn . faster . descending the stairs into the sunken area where the ninety-nine oil lamps shone brightly.
  • 11:12 P.M. Dashing down the stone ramp that hugged the inside of the wall, Langdon descended to the courtyard.
  • This section of the traforo apparently descended to the dungeons, not to the top.
  • Then, as the camerlegno descended the stairs into the light, he had seemed to disappear beneath the floor.
  • The camerlegno felt like he was floating as he descended into the Niche of the Palliums.
  • Langdon descended.
  • According to accounts from the select few clergy who had descended over the years, the Necropolis was a dark maze of subterranean crypts that could swallow a visitor whole if he lost his way.
  • Holy visions and divine messages had always seemed like wishful delusions to him-the product of overzealous minds hearing what they wanted to hear-God did not interact directly! A moment later, though, as if the Holy Spirit Himself had descended to persuade Chartrand of His power, Chartrand had a vision.
  • It descended on them like the wrath of hell, shaking the granite foundation of Vatican City, knocking the breath out of people’s lungs, sending others stumbling backward.

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  • We saw the rocket descend.
  • The path descends to the bottom of the mountain.

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