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Angels & Demons
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bizarre -- as in: is bizarre
Used In
Angels & Demons
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  • Langdon studied CERN’s director, still trying to process the bizarre surroundings.
  • Langdon strode silently behind Vittoria and Kohler as they moved back into the main atrium where Langdon’s bizarre visit had begun.
  • It had been a bizarre day.
  • The legend that the brands were in English now made a bizarre kind of sense.
  • At first Chartrand thought the briefing was some sort of bizarre training exercise.
  • Langdon fought to focus his thoughts, but the situation was too bizarre to grasp rationally.
  • The scene before them was so unexpected, so bizarre, that Langdon had to close his eyes and reopen them before his mind could take it all in.
  • Over the years, Sylvie had programmed herself to ignore Kohler’s bizarre mood swings and eccentricities-his silent treatments, his unnerving propensity to secretly film meetings with his wheelchair’s porta-video.
  • There was a fleeting instant of hesitation as everyone’s eyes took in the bizarre image.
  • As the bizarre chase continued, Vittoria’s thoughts whipped like a tempest.

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  • The paparazzi love her bizarre outfits and behavior.
  • She won one of those bizarre contests designed by Guinness Book of World Records.

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