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Angels & Demons
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  • Whoever killed Leonardo wanted one thing—the antimatter specimen.
  • In those canisters are specimens of the matter he created.
  • "The specimen is not touching the canister," Vittoria said, apparently expecting the question.
  • Vittoria, surely you can’t be saying those canisters contain actual specimens?
  • The specimen remains suspended even if I remove the canister.
  • Director, you are looking at the world’s first specimens of antimatter.
  • A relatively minuscule specimen.
  • All the antimatter specimens were accounted for.
  • "Specimen," Vittoria corrected.
  • There are other specimens?
  • "We need to check those specimens," Kohler said.
  • In order to prove antimatter efficient and viable, one had to create specimens of a larger magnitude.
  • And second, that the specimens could be safely stored.
  • You created a specimen larger than five hundred nanograms?
  • Firing up sixteen miles of electromagnets to create a tiny specimen of antimatter expended more energy than the resulting antimatter contained.
  • Although Vittoria’s father had been hesitant to create a large specimen, Vittoria had pushed him hard.
  • The specimen would be their secret.
  • How large a specimen did you and your father create?
  • The specimen that was supposed to prove antimatter was a safe and viable energy source had been stolen.
  • But nobody knew this specimen even existed!
  • Vittoria knew it had been she who convinced her father to create the specimen.
  • "Not the specimen," Langdon countered.
  • Maybe someone stole the specimen to do analysis and R and D.
  • Perhaps you and your father should have considered that before you created the specimen.
  • You crossed a line when you made that specimen, and you have put this entire facility at risk.
  • I am the one who convinced my father to create that specimen.
  • He also showed you a large specimen he kept locked away as proof that his new process could produce antimatter on a large scale.

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  • The museum holds over a million insect specimens.
  • they collected a tissue specimen for analysis

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