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Angels & Demons
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  • "How about obelisks?" he demanded.
  • Not only was it laid out in a perfectly elliptical shape, but dead center stood a towering Egyptian obelisk-a square pillar of stone with a distinctively pyramidal tip.
  • Are any of the churches located near obelisks?
  • In the center of the piazza rose Caligula’s 350-ton Egyptian obelisk.
  • Spoils of Rome’s imperial plundering, obelisks were scattered across Rome and referred to by symbologists as "Lofty Pyramids"-skyward extensions of the sacred pyramidal form.
  • The first two markers had been located on or near piazzas that contained obelisks!
  • Two fountains flanked the obelisk in perfect symmetry.
  • Maybe obelisks were a theme?
  • "Or," Vittoria added, "Bernini could have placed his markers near existing obelisks."
  • To the obelisk?
  • As they neared the obelisk, Vittoria slowed.
  • Tourists wandered, nuns chatted along the perimeter of the piazza, a girl fed pigeons at the base of the obelisk.
  • A homeless drunk dozed awkwardly at the base of the obelisk.
  • The terrified youngster stood frozen, pointing at the base of the obelisk where a shabby, decrepit drunk sat slumped on the stairs.
  • City planners had removed the obelisk and replaced it with a small fountain called the Triton.
  • In Bernini’s day, Langdon now realized, Piazza Barberini had contained an obelisk!
  • No obelisks on the line.
  • Somewhere around the obelisk, boldly positioned outside the largest church in the world, was the second altar of science-Bernini’s West Ponente-an elliptical block in St. Peter’s Square.
  • Twenty years ago, construction of the subway terminal had created a stir among art historians who feared digging beneath Piazza Barberini might topple the multiton obelisk that stood in the center.
  • He considered the cruciform arrangement of the four obelisks.
  • A giant cross of obelisks.
  • And even more perfect, Langdon realized, the cherry on the cake, was that high atop Bernini’s fountain stood a towering obelisk.
  • Atop this stood an obelisk that climbed another forty feet.
  • On the obelisk’s tip, a faint shadow blotted the sky, a lone pigeon perched silently.
  • Scanning the hieroglyphics covering the obelisk, he wondered if perhaps there were a clue hidden in the Egyptian symbology.
  • Feeling a shimmer of hope, Langdon circumnavigated the fountain one more time and studied all four facades of the obelisk.
  • Langdon was staring straight up the obelisk.
  • It was perched high atop the obelisk, gazing calmly westward.
  • They clattered across the upper levels of the granite obelisk.
  • Halfway to the base of the obelisk, he emerged from the mist and could see the head of the bird more clearly.
  • The truth almost lifted Langdon the rest of the way to the obelisk.
  • Langdon could think of no more lofty perch for the Illuminati’s final marker than atop this obelisk.
  • He reached the platform from which the obelisk rose and could climb no higher.
  • In a final breathtaking revelation, Langdon realized Bernini’s city-wide cross of obelisks marked the fortress in perfect Illuminati fashion; the cross’s central arm passed directly through the center of the castle’s bridge, dividing it into two equal halves.
  • "It’s a long shot," Langdon said, "but I know that many of Rome’s obelisks were erected or moved during Bernini’s reign.

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  • Colin and Hassan followed her to a six-foot-tall obelisk—a kind of miniature Washington Monument—before which la’ a plethora of not-new pink silk roses.
    John Green  --  An Abundance of Katherines
  • The horse paused beside the obelisk.
    Neil Gaiman  --  The Graveyard Book

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