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Angels & Demons
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Angels & Demons
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  • Do you know what this technology implies?
  • Although his data were incontrovertible, the astronomer was severely punished for implying that God had placed mankind somewhere other than at the center of His universe.
  • You’re implying Christianity is just some kind of . repackaged sun worship!
  • "I was not implying ." She had not meant to seem disrespectful.
  • That certainly implies deeper infiltration than we thought.
  • The fact that the missing security camera was stolen from a public access area-a stairwell in one of the museums-clearly implies that the intruder had limited access.
  • The alleged assassination implies a much deeper infiltration of Vatican City than we had imagined.
  • Inside collusion implies-

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  • She wouldn’t make a direct statement, but she implied that she supported our position.
  • She implied that she would vote with us.

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