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Angels & Demons
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Angels & Demons
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  • Langdon stood in the doorway, surveying the collision of centuries before them.
  • He was in another world . his world, his element, a world where history, myth, and fact collided, flooding his senses.
  • Fully accelerated particles will circle the tube more than ten thousand times in a single second before they collide.
  • Colliding particles is the key to understanding the building blocks of the universe.
  • For an instant he felt the familiar collision of thrill, privilege, and dead fear that he had experienced when he first saw the ambigram this morning.
  • The two beams collided head-on at enormous speeds, driving into one another and compressing all their energy into a single pinpoint.
  • He went on to say that by accelerating two particles in opposite directions around the tube and then colliding them, scientists could shatter the particles into their constituent parts and get a glimpse of nature’s most fundamental components.
  • Langdon stumbled to her side, almost colliding with the cloaked couple before them.
  • The back wall loomed suddenly, and he collided with it, crushing his shoulder.
  • The glass at the far end was thick . Langdon’s stack had fallen almost to the horizontal when he heard what he was waiting for-a different kind of collision.
  • Vittoria kept striding toward them, even faster now, on a collision course.
  • He skidded ten feet and collided with a series of short cement pillars blocking his way.
  • Plummeting downward, he braced for the bone-crushing collision.
  • As he stared up at Camerlegno Ventresca, Mortati felt the paralyzing collision of his heart and mind.
  • From the feeble sound of the collision, Langdon knew he was going to need a hell of a lot more than an aluminum ladder to break this glass.

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  • The cars collided and burst into flame.
  • The plane nearly collided with a drone.

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