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Angels & Demons
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Angels & Demons
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  • The camerlegno had tried to imagine how they would receive him tonight. Joyfully? reverently?
  • It was a title more of fear than reverence for the figure who ruled over his dominion from a wheelchair throne.
  • They were scientists who revered enlightenment.
  • "Small sheets," she said, her voice reverent.
  • Galileo’s Illuminati, however, saw perfection in the ellipse as well, revering the mathematical duality of its twin foci.
  • Close encounters with history always left Langdon numbed with reverence . like seeing the brushstrokes on the Mona Lisa.
  • The media lights followed suit, dropping their beams back to earth as if out of reverence for the blackness now settling upon them.
  • He walked to the table and revered the sacred, metal forms that had been left there for him.
  • Besides, this diamond was oblong-like a kite-hardly an example of the flawless symmetry for which the Illuminati Diamond was revered.
  • Beyond that, though, there existed literally dozens of symbolic occurrences of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water throughout history-the Pythagorean cycles of life, the Chinese Hong-Fan, the Jungian male and female rudiments, the quadrants of the Zodiac, even the Muslims revered the four ancient elements . although in Islam they were known as "squares, clouds, lightning, and waves."
  • "Many of the Illuminati," Langdon continued, "wanted to combat the church’s tyranny with acts of violence, but their most revered member persuaded them against it.
  • Goddamn Italian perfectionists, he cursed, now imperiled by the same artistic excellence he taught his students to revere . impeccable edges, faultless parallels, and of course, use only of the most seamless and resilient Carrara marble.

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  • Many fans revere Michael Jordan as one of the greatest basketball players of all time.
  • Richard Nixon did much to erode reverence for the presidency.

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