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Angels & Demons
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Angels & Demons
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  • He saw dozens of obscure works he had never heard of, but he also saw plenty he recognized...
  • In the obscurity of the Secret Archives, Langdon stood amidst shattered glass and tried to catch his breath.
  • It’s obscured in a crease.
  • Langdon stopped short, amazed she had heard of the obscure publication about planetary motion and its effect on the tides.
  • The vertical pillars and triangular pronaus all but obscured the circular dome behind it.
  • Historians believed he had also written an obscure booklet called Diagramma.
  • Okay, then maybe using ’Santi’ was to make the clue more obscure, so only very enlightened men would recognize the reference to Raphael.
  • If it’s a work Bernini created specifically for the Illuminati, it may be very obscure.
  • He had banished it to some obscure chapel across town.
  • It made no sense that Bernini had suggested his masterpiece be hidden in some obscure location.
  • The fountain’s massive centerpiece obscured his view.

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  • The obscure battle is hardly mentioned in history books.
  • Nobody had seen the poem before, but an Internet search proved she had copied an obscure poem written in 1920.

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