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literal -- as in: in the most literal sense
Used In
Angels & Demons
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  • As their notoriety spread, these lethal men became known by a single word-Hassassin-literally "the followers of hashish."
  • The church claimed Lucifer was a reference to the devil, but the brotherhood insisted Lucifer was intended in its literal Latin meaning-bringer of light.
  • The words sounded oddly literal.
  • That much antimatter could literally liquidate everything in a half-mile radius!
  • The canisters are called ’antimatter traps’ because they literally trap the antimatter in the center of the canister, suspending it at a safe distance from the sides and bottom.
  • "Con clave" literally meant "locked with a key."
  • Mr. Langdon, I am prepared to give my life tonight, quite literally, to save this church.
  • It was the traditional seal of the Vatican-the sacred symbol of the Holy See or "holy seat" of government, the seat being literally the ancient throne of St. Peter.
  • The Chigi was an out of the way alcove, a literal hole-in-thewall, a tribute to a great patron of science, decorated with earthly symbology.
  • Although Langdon had fully expected the sculpture to somehow "point" to the next altar of science, he did not expect it to be literal.
  • He quite literally sent me another father.
  • Seraphim literally means "the fiery one."
  • Directly overhead, though, Langdon found himself staring quite literally into the face of death.
  • Literally, yes.
  • The entire Catholic faith had been built, quite literally, upon St. Peter.
  • The Illuminati, in an act of symbolic defiance, had located the antimatter at the core of Christendom, both literally and figuratively.
  • Eleven-fifty-one P.M. Necropolis literally means City of the Dead.
  • Heaven, Langdon now realized, was literally where he was headed.
  • The camerlegno had always believed the words "father" and "son" were religious tradition, but now he knew the diabolical truth-the words had been literal.
  • Beyond that, though, there existed literally dozens of symbolic occurrences of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water throughout history-the Pythagorean cycles of life, the Chinese Hong-Fan, the Jungian male and female rudiments, the quadrants of the Zodiac, even the Muslims revered the four ancient elements . although in Islam they were known as "squares, clouds, lightning, and waves."
  • The early Christians had believed in the resurrection of the flesh, and they’d used the holes to literally "feed the dead" by pouring milk and honey into crypts beneath the floor.
  • I’m trapped in a box literally designed to "eat flesh.

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  • She thinks the creation story in the Bible is a literal description; while he thinks it is poetic.
  • The computer has no common sense. It will interpret everything you tell it literally.

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