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Angels & Demons
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Angels & Demons
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  • The grave decisions facing the camerlegno required information . information entombed in a sarcophagus in the Vatican Grottoes.
  • The Holy Vatican Grottoes are located beneath the main floor of St. Peter’s Basilica.
  • Vittoria reached the bottom of the spiral staircase and entered the grotto.
  • At the base of the rear wall, a stone bulwark jutted out concealing a narrow grotto-a kind of compressed passageway cutting directly into the foundation of the church.
  • Thirty seconds later, in the Vatican Grottoes, Vittoria was standing before a corpse when the electronic squawk of a walkie-talkie broke the silence.
  • Just a simple hole in the wall, beyond which lay a small grotto and a meager, crumbling sarcophagus.
  • The grotto around the canister blinked red as the LED counted down into its final five minutes of life.
  • The central core alone was over twenty feet tall-a rugged mountain of travertine marble riddled with caves and grottoes through which the water churned.
  • Deep in the Vatican Grottoes, Cardinal Mortati knelt alone before the open sarcophagus.
  • "Signore?" someone said, entering the grottoes.
  • And had he not ascended miraculously into a pillar of fire, he would now be buried in the Vatican Grottoes along with the other Popes.
  • He knew this sacred grotto was reserved exclusively for the relics of Popes, but somehow Mortati sensed this was appropriate.

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  • We visited the famous Blue Grotto at Italy’s island of Capri.
  • a natural grotto deep in the woods

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