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Angels & Demons
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Angels & Demons
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  • Even though science was unable to comprehend the divine moment of creation, he believed someday it would.
  • The implications came too fast for her to fully comprehend.
  • Now, as Camerlegno Carlo Ventresca descended the Royal Staircase, he tried to comprehend the chain of events that had delivered him to this extraordinary crossroads.
  • It never ceased to amaze her that so many of CERN’s so-called "brilliant minds" failed to comprehend the importance of the church.
  • Sitting in the Sistine Chapel among his stunned colleagues, Cardinal Mortati tried to comprehend the words he was hearing.
  • It shot out in all directions, accelerating with incomprehensible speed, gobbling up the dark.
  • It took her a moment to comprehend her hands were tied behind her back.
  • Langdon was still unable to comprehend the camerlegno’s conviction that he had spoken to God, much less that he had deciphered the message.
  • Mortati looked around him and tried to comprehend.
  • He believed in the ancient miracles of the Scriptures, and yet what he had just witnessed in person was something he could not possibly comprehend.
  • When God is on your side, you have options a man like you could never comprehend.

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  • I don’t think she comprehends how dangerous this has become.
  • Washington fails to comprehend the change in China’s strategy.

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