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The Da Vinci Code
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implication -- as in: the implication is that...
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The Da Vinci Code
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  • Langdon's thoughts raced as he tried to assemble the implications of what this all meant.
  • Sophie needed only an instant to process Langdon's implication, and it seemed laughably simple.
  • It was not until an hour later, as he staggered from the meeting, that the devastating implications settled in.
  • Considering tonight's events, Sophie knew the answer might have some interesting implications.
  • News of the three additional murders had dire implications.
  • There was another implication here too.
  • Collet pondered the implications of this bizarre development.
  • The implications chilled him.

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  • I object to her implication that my work was sub-standard.
  • The implication is pregnancy.
    Lorraine Hansberry  --  A Raisin in the Sun

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