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lineage -- as in: traced her lineage
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The Da Vinci Code
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  • She was the womb that bore the lineage, and the vine from which the sacred fruit sprang forth!
  • And that Mary Magdalene was the womb that carried His royal lineage.
  • Remember that Magdalene’s child belonged to the lineage of Jewish kings—David and Solomon.
  • Christ’s lineage was in perpetual danger.
  • Fortunately, Dagobert’s son, Sigisbert, secretly escaped the attack and carried on the lineage, which later included Godefroi de Bouillon—founder of the Priory of Sion.
  • Nonetheless, Christ’s line grew quietly under cover in France until making a bold move in the fifth century, when it intermarried with French royal blood and created a lineage known as the Merovingian bloodline.
  • The early Church feared that if the lineage were permitted to grow, the secret of Jesus and Magdalene would eventually surface and challenge the fundamental Catholic doctrine—that of a divine Messiah who did not consort with women or engage in sexual union.
  • ROSLIN This ancient spelling, Langdon explained to Sophie, derived from the Rose Line meridian on which the chapel sat; or, as Grail academics preferred to believe, from the "Line of Rose"—the ancestral lineage of Mary Magdalene.

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  • That form of cancer is traced back many generations in her lineage.
  • his entire lineage has been warriors

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