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The Da Vinci Code
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The Da Vinci Code
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  • Any information to be inserted is first written on a papyrus scroll.
  • I know sheep’s vellum was more durable and more common in those days, but it had to be papyrus.
  • Before the papyrus was inserted into the cryptex’s compartment, it was rolled around a delicate glass vial.
  • Vinegar and papyrus, Sophie thought.
  • If someone attempted to force open the cryptex, the glass vial would break, and the vinegar would quickly dissolve the papyrus.
  • Sophie could see it contained photographs of what appeared to be magnified passages of ancient documents—tattered papyrus with handwritten text.
  • Papyrus.
  • Strangely, though, the paper around the vinegar was not the customary delicate papyrus but rather, vellum.
  • The vinegar was streaming now, and Teabing pictured the papyrus dissolving within.
  • Without blinking, Langdon reached into the breast pocket of his tweed coat and carefully extracted a delicate rolled papyrus.
  • The papyrus verse was locked safely at its core—minus the shattered vial of vinegar.
  • He glanced at the papyrus in Marie’s hand, and then back at Rosslyn.
  • Langdon motioned to the papyrus in her hand.
  • She unrolled the papyrus and read the poem aloud in a deliberate tone.
  • As the sound of heavy footsteps thundered down the hall toward the Chapter House, Langdon quietly rolled the papyrus and slipped it back in his pocket.
  • No dissolving papyrus.
  • If the dials were properly aligned with the password, then one of the ends would slide off, much like a lens cap, and she could reach inside and remove the rolled papyrus document, which would be wrapped around the vial of vinegar.
  • That’s not papyrus," Teabing said.
  • Langdon looked down and realized he was holding Saunière’s papyrus.

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  • Many papyrus manuscripts were lost when the Library of Alexandria was burned.
  • Every afternoon, one of the senior counselors came around with a papyrus scroll checklist.
    Rick Riordan  --  The Battle of the Labyrinth

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