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The Da Vinci Code
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  • Few people realized that anagrams, despite being a trite modern amusement, had a rich history of sacred symbolism.
  • was a perfect anagram of… Leonardo da Vinci!
  • The mystical teachings of the Kabbala drew heavily on anagrams—rearranging the letters of Hebrew words to derive new meanings.
  • Her shock over the anagram was matched only by her embarrassment at not having deciphered the message herself.
  • When she was young, often her grandfather would use anagram games to hone her English spelling.
  • The Romans actually referred to the study of anagrams as ars magna—"the great art."
  • "I can’t imagine," Langdon said, staring at the printout, "how your grandfather created such an intricate anagram in the minutes before he died."
  • After all, she was no stranger to anagrams—especially in English.
  • In fact, one of his anagrams had gotten him in trouble once when Sophie was a little girl.
  • I missed the first two anagrams, Robert.
  • "My grandfather probably created this Mona Lisa anagram long ago," Sophie said, glancing up at Langdon.
  • Merely so Langdon could help her break an anagram?
  • More important, Sophie had stated flat out that she should have broken the anagram on her own.
  • Sophie was supposed to break that anagram on her own.
  • Gentlemen, not only does the face of Mona Lisa look androgynous, but her name is an anagram of the divine union of male and female.
  • She now recalled that her grandfather—a wordplay aficionado and art lover—had entertained himself as a young man by creating anagrams of famous works of art.
  • French kings throughout the Renaissance were so convinced that anagrams held magic power that they appointed royal anagrammatists to help them make better decisions by analyzing words in important documents.
  • Later, she realized the numbers were also a clue as to how to decipher the other lines—a sequence out of order… a numeric anagram.
  • "Rose," Langdon added, "is also an anagram of Eros, the Greek god of sexual love."
  • Saunière’s clever anagrammatic message was still on his mind, and Langdon wondered what Sophie would find at the Mona Lisa… if anything.
  • After all, Saunière had no reason to think Langdon was especially skilled at anagrams.
  • While being interviewed by an American art magazine, Saunière had expressed his distaste for the modernist Cubist movement by noting that Picasso’s masterpiece Les Demoiselles d’Avignon was a perfect anagram of vile meaningless doodles.

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  • "Eleven plus two" is an anagram for "twelve plus one."
  • "I heard it’s an anagram for Ratner Tolb."
    Gillian Flynn  --  Gone Girl

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